Spending Your Holidays In Bentota, One Of The Most Visited Cities In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tour Packages To Bentota

Bentota is a very popular tourist hotspot located about 60 km away from the capital city Colombo. It is accessible through major road and railway networks of the island and therefore can be travelled to within a short period of time. Most of the Sri Lanka tour packages include spending part of your holiday in this city as it is one of the major attractions in Sri Lanka. It is also a location suitable for any sort of traveler including family holidays, those who wish to spend their honeymoon, or even the lone traveler who wants to have a rejuvenating experience.

Popular attractions in the vicinity

The best part of spending your holidays in this city is that there are so many places to visit which will create an overall amazing experience for you to enjoy. The history of the city dates makes many years and evidence of the historical era this town has gone through can be witnessed in the many ancient temples including the Kande Viharaya and Galapatha Raja Maha Viharaya. There are also many other attractions such as the Brief Garden and Kosgoda Turtle hatchery to visit as well.

Activities to experience during your stay

There are many exciting activities you can engage in while spending time in this city. One of the key features of this city is the beautiful stretch of beach. Apart from merely enjoying the picturesque scenery while sunbathing on the paradise like location, this site serves as an ideal place to engage in adventurous beach sports which could be included in the Sri Lanka tour packages you choose. There is also a well maintained cycle track and walking trail which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a stroll around the city and discover the many fun things to do in this town.

Ideal Location For Spending Your Honeymoon

For those who are planning on spending their honeymoon in the country, this town will be an ideal place to create the romantic adventure you seek. There are many high class hotels and resorts which allow you to enjoy a magnificent view of the major attractions in the city right from the luxury of your hotel room. Due to the high volume of vacationing lovebirds who are attracted here, the town offers many activities for couples to enjoy such as go on a river safari, whale watching, enjoy a shopping spree in the town, go to a spa retreat, and many more.

Article by : Greg Stefaniak