Why Bentota Is A Popular Destinations For Honeymoon Holidays To Sri Lanka

Romantic Excursions In Sri Lanka

Once the two of you begin your life’s journey together, you would be looking forward to having the most relaxing and fun time together during your honeymoon. For this you would look to travel to a part of the world where there are endless possibilities of things the two of you can enjoy together. Spending your honeymoon in Sri Lanka is the answer to all your vacation dreams. But many couples often want to have a simple holiday which does not deprive them of having ample amount of fun. Then the following need to be considered.

  • The attractions in the surroundings
  • Time duration to be spent
  • Budget
  • Travel preferences

In this instance you would need to choose a suitable holiday package to Sri Lanka. Such packages are planned and operated through leading tour operators from the island. Among all the major places to visit and attractions in the island, the city of Bentota is highly recommended for your stay. This location is packed with many things to see and do, which is guaranteed to create the most unforgettable honeymoon experience for you and your loved one.

The key highlights of Bentota becoming a popular honeymoon destination in Sri Lanka are due to many different reasons. The romantic vibes fill the air and the entire surrounding is peaceful. This is blended in with ample learning opportunity and fun adventures which you will love to engage in. the city has many historic locations and ancient temples which provide a glimpse of magnificent ancient architecture. Modern architectural splendor can also be enjoyed through a walk through Brief Gardens the amazing work of the renowned landscape artist Bewis Bawa. The stretch of beach and the river that flows through the city also create a very unique natural landscape which cannot be enjoyed elsewhere.

Bentota Beach Water Sports

Being a coastal town, Bentota is a great place for holidays in Sri Lanka, where you can experience one of the best beaches in the island. This is one of the areas where the beach is wide and can be accessible for a very long stretch. Due to the optimum conditions maintained, it makes it very suitable to carry out almost all fun beach sports, some of which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. Some of these activities include diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, whale and dolphin watching and wind surfing.

Written by Tourist Greg Stefaniak


How To Make Your Tour Packages In Sri Lanka At A Reasonable Price Along With All The Facilities Included

Spend Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

So as to spend your special night in Sri Lanka, seek on Google with the expression of “Sri Lanka honeymoon packages” where you could discover a lot of fine places to make the most of your vacation day. There are many online websites accessible for your prerequisites in assortment of Sri Lanka honeymoon packages. Your Sri Lanka vacation will be loaded with an astounding minutes by experimenting with these unique tour packages.

In order to make extraordinary recollections to endure forever, look no more remote than the sentimental flavors that will change your vacation into your fantasy special night. There are numerous lavish inns all through the nation for outside and nearby couples to make the most of their honeymoon trip get-away by experimenting with different special first night tour packages offered by travel administrations. Moreover your honeymoon holiday packages can be included with best Bentota city tour, wild safari tour, hill country tours and many more.

Create Best Tour Itinerary

Many sorts of tour packages accessible in today’s online sites are immeasurable and differed. This guarantees every one of shoppers’ needs and longings are met. Moreover when it comes to arrange your tour to Sri Lanka it is wise in creating best tour itinerary right before planning your rest of the necessities. Tour packages visits can be further separated into particular visit sorts. Moreover site Visits accessible range from Adventure visits, Special-intrigue visits, City or Group visits and Fully Escorted visits, Regional visits and many more. Bentota city tours and wild safari tours are two of the popular excursions among tourists to Sri Lanka.

Moreover there are several crucial things to be added to your best tour itinerary in addition to the sites that you are going to visit in Sri Lanka. Cruises, chauffeur vehicle services, All transfers between airports/harbours/stations and hotels, Rental cars, Insurance, Tickets for entry to events or attractions, Entrance fees to attractions and so on. Yet when it comes to choose proper chauffeur vehicle services for your journey after you landed on Sri Lanka you should be more aware about the chauffeur charges and hospitality services as Sri Lanka has many reasonable chauffeur services at tourist services. Unique intrigue visits are composed around a specific intrigue territory which could incorporate expressions, nourishment and wine, wear, social or agrarian and many more. Yet Sri Lanka is consisted of special guest visit packages along with all the protection and facility necessities.

Why Holidays In Sri Lanka Are The Best For Every Type Of Traveler

Different Types Of Enjoying Experiences

No matter what type of traveler you are, Holidays in Sri Lanka are guaranteed to make everyone happy. This is because Sri Lanka is a country that stays true to the diversity it promises its visitors. From the variety of sites to see to the different types of activities you can engage in, your visit is guaranteed to be nothing but exciting from the time you set foot in the country. The list of things you can do are unlimited, but some of the key highlighting features include:

  • Adventure
  • Exploration and sightseeing
  • Fun activities
  • Blissful relaxation
  • Shopping

The island is packed with many things to do. Whether you are travelling to Sri Lanka on your Honeymoon, taking a vacation with family or friends, or look to unwind by spending some time by yourself, this paradise island will give you the chance to have the holiday of your dreams. There are many sites and cities within the island which are highly popular among tourists. These include the sandy beaches of Bentota, the lush greenery and cool climate of the hill country, the ancient architectural splendor of the cultural triangle, and nature at its best in various forests and nature reserves.

In terms of different things to do, Sri Lanka is a land of endless possibilities. The Sri Lankan people are warm and friendly by nature and are more than pleased to welcome tourists to their beautiful homeland. The culture of the country has been infused by the best of different types of civilizations who were present in the island throughout history. Due to this you would be able to see how various religions and ethnicities live in harmony. This unity would be extended to you wherever you go giving you an opportunity to learn so many new things.

Spending Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

This is a very special occasion which you would want to spend in a paradise island such as Sri Lanka. Owing to the beautiful climate and natural beauty the country has been blessed with, you will be able to spend time with your loved one in a magical island. You would also get to create a host of lasting memories by having fun enjoying the sun and sand in Bentota beach, hiking through the wilderness, exploring the amazing architecture of Sigiriya, witnessing wildlife in their natural habitats in Yala or Wasgamuwa, or even shopping in the capital city of Colombo.

What Are The Best Options For Sri Lanka Tour Packages For Honeymoon Couples?

Spending Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is well known around the world as a honeymoon paradise. For this reason there are many tour packages designed especially for couples who wish to spend their honeymoon in Sri Lanka. The reason behind Sri Lanka being such a popular destination among honeymooners is that it gives you get a host of options on what you can do and where you can stay, all within one country. There is such a diversity among destinations to visit, there is something to do for every type of holiday need you may be feeling.

As a couple, you would be looking at making your honeymoon a memorable occasion. One which you will take along with you throughout your journey in life together. Therefore an ideal holiday in Sri Lanka would be the right mix of relaxation, fun, and adventure, all of which you can enjoy in each other’s company creating memories to last a lifetime. From those who have spent their honeymoon in Sri Lanka, many vow to return back to the island after being mesmerized by its beauty.

Selecting The Best Sri Lanka Tour Package

A key aspect of planning your honeymoon in Sri Lanka is to find the right blend of activities and places to visit while you are in the country. Known to be packed with many must-see sites, it is best to first look at what options you would like to go with. There are many tour operators and travel agencies in the island who would also be able to offer you great Sri Lanka tour packages that you can arrange together with accommodation and transport in a simple and easy manner.

No matter what time of the year you arrive in Sri Lanka, there are many enjoyable things you can do as a couple. For the more adventurous couples, there are the options of taking part in activities such as mountain climbing, camping out, or enjoy water activities such as diving and snorkeling. If you both are lovers of nature and would love to appreciate wondrous natural beauty, Sri Lanka is the perfect place to be. It is home rare species of fauna and flora which can be witnessed in their natural habitats. The following are some of the options you can include in your honeymoon tour.

  • Locations on the coastal belt with beautiful beaches
  • Historic sites in the cultural triangle
  • The lush, cool hill country

Bentota Sri Lanka The Finest Sandy Beach For Your Holiday

Places To Visit, Bentota Sri Lanka

Bentota is more famous as a beach spot for visitors to Sri Lanka. There are many places to watch and things to do in bentota Sri Lanka except the sandy beach.

Bentota river safari, kande vihare temple, Beruwela fishin harbor, Sapugoda viharaya, Benthara Galapatha raja maha vihara, Brief garden, Toddy tapping, Moonstone mine, Turtle conservation, Bullock carts, Brick-bake house, Rubber tapping, Knochimle muslim mosque, Monday market, Beruwela lighthouse are few of the places to visit in bentota Sri Lanka.

Bentota river safari is most famous place that you could have fun which is situated on the Bentota River and a few hours of trip that you could see the famous mangroves of Bentota followed by an excursion to the 800 year old Wanawasala Buddhist temple. Kande wiharaya temple is most popular among Buddhist people that you could visit and worship, and which also has the tallest sitting Buddha statue in the world at about 48m. Beruwala fishing harbor is really closer to the Bentota town and only takes few minutes to reach and which is a large commercial fishing harbor, mostly visitors can visit in morning hours. Sapugoda viharaya is famous temple from the times of King Sri Wikrama Rajasinghe who has built this temple as a mark of respect for Sapugoda Ananda Thero. This temple consisted of ancient paintings of late kings. Brief garden was rubber state and which is transformed in to a beautiful garden by a landscape artist Bevis Bawa. And this garden is surrounded by bamboo trees throughout the massive land. Moonstone mine is popular for gems and moonstones in bentota and mine is located exactly between Ambalangoda and Hikkaduwa. As villages belifs the few places among these two towns are blessed by the moon.

Spend Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

In order to spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, search on Google with the phrase of “Sri Lanka honeymoon” where you could find plenty of fine places to enjoy your honeymoon day.

There are many sites available for your requirements in variety of honeymoon packages. Your Sri Lanka honeymoon will be filled with an amazing moments by trying out these special packages. To create unforgettable memories to last a lifetime, look no further than the romantic flavors that will transform your holiday into your dream honeymoon. There are many luxury hotels throughout the country for foreign and local couples to enjoy their honeymoon vacation by trying out various honeymoon packages provided by travelling services.