Experiencing The Best Beaches In The World When You Plan Your Holidays To Sri Lanka

Whether you are travelling to Sri Lanka on your Honeymoon, vacationing with your family, or even traveling for business, you would most certainly not want to miss experiencing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Proudly showcasing over thirteen hundred kilometers of pristine beaches, the island is already renowned all over the world for the magnificent beauty it has on display.

Best Beaches Of Sri Lanka

When you plan your vacation to the island your dream of basking in the sunlight on a golden sandy beach would definitely come alive. Being a small tropical island, you can visit the coastal belt within a very short period of time, no matter where you travel from. The government and people of Sri Lanka also make a conscious effort to protect these amazing beaches. Therefore when you visit any of the beach locations within the island the unspoilt beauty is guaranteed to keep you captivated.

As you set foot in the island, the closest locations to the International airport of Sri Lanka are in the West Coast. Since the capital city Colombo is located in this area as well, it is the most developed and also found to be more tourist oriented. Travelling further down to the South Coast you will be able to experience colonial style architecture, cultural heritages and wildlife parks. The North and East Coasts which were not accessible for several years due to the civil war have now become open for travelers after the end of the war. This is a true blessing as the beaches demonstrate exquisite beauty which is by far the very best you will be able to see in the world. Many high quality hotels and resorts too have come up in these areas making them popular Honeymoon destinations as well. Some of the most popular beaches in the country include:

  • Unawatuna
  • Bentota Beach
  • Arugam Bay
  • Mirissa

Creating Fun Holidays To Sri Lanka

Apart from treating yourself to the magical experience of being able lie on some of the most picture perfect beaches and soaking up the sun, there are many fun activities you can engage in as well. Sri Lanka is very famous around the world for offering visitors the chance of engaging in adventurous water sports and other activities. Scuba diving is quite popular in Bentota Beach, Hikkaduwa, and Mirissa, while you could even try kayaking, windsurfing, boating and snorkeling among many others.