Have An Adventure Of A Lifetime By Embarking On Exciting Honeymoon Tours In Sri Lanka

Adventurous Holidays In Sri Lanka

When you hear the name of this little island the first thought that comes to mind is the beautiful sceneries and lush climatic conditions you would experience all around you. It is also a place full of adventure and excitement which will leaving you craving for more thrills. For those you want to create an adventure of a lifetime during their Honeymoon tours, Sri Lanka will provide nothing less. In the form of a Safari in Sri Lanka, beach activities in Bentota, mountain climbing in the hill country and many more, you will find that the two of you can have an adventure of a lifetime on your honeymoon.

Best Adventurous Activities For Honeymoon Tours

Many wish to spend their honeymoon in each other’s company enjoying the calm relaxation that comes with spending time in a beautiful paradise isle tucked away in the middle of a vast ocean. But it is great o note that if you also want to add some excitement to your holiday there are ample amount of fun and adventurous things you will be able to try out together. Towns such as Bentota, Sigiriya, Galle, Nuwara Eliya and so many more strike this perfect balance which leave even the newbies to adventure lifestyles longing for more.

Beach adventure activities

The island is very popular for the immaculate quality beaches all visitors have access to during their stay. You could enjoy a calming spa and bask in the sunlight enjoying the perfect sunbath but there are also very interesting activities you can engage in as well. Most of the leading hotels you find in locations such as Bentota, Trincomalee, Negombo, and Galle and so on provide their guests with facilities to take part in adventurous beach sports and deep sea activities. Some of these activities include wind surfing, jet skiing, diving, snorkeling and whale watching.

Getting closer to wildlife with a Safari in Sri Lanka

While you are holidaying in this paradise island, another important aspect you will be exposed to is how wildlife has the freedom to roam freely untouched by human civilization. Due to this lack of interference you get the chance to see how herd of wild elephants live in harmony, spot rare sightings of Sri Lankan leopards and other sights which you cannot behold anywhere else in the world. All of this can be enjoyed through a Safari in Sri Lanka to add more adventure to your honeymoon.

Article By Passionate Traveller Greg Stefaniak


Quel Itinéraire Sri Lanka À Suivre Sur Vos Vacances?

Si vous avez décidé de voyager au Sri Lanka pour des vacances sur votre propre peut-être ou sans forfait Voyage alors vous pourriez avoir du mal à lever les yeux endroits à visiter et la façon de les visiter. Il est recommandé que vous faites des recherches approfondies sur les lieux au Sri Lanka que vous aimeriez visiter ainsi que la façon d’y arriver. Si vous finissez par la réservation d’un forfait Voyage alors vous recevrez un itinéraire Sri Lanka, sinon vous devrez simplement faire un.

Type De Vacances Au Sri Lanka

Avant de voyager au Sri Lanka, il est toujours préférable de décider de quel type de vacances que vous voulez. Voulez-vous un séjour de détente ou que vous cherchez une aventure? Vous pouvez trouver tout type de vacances que vous souhaitez. Celui que vous avez décidé que vous saurez où aller.

Détendez-Vous Et Le Voyage Vers Sri Lanka

Si vous cherchez un séjour de détente et de rajeunissement de votre itinéraire Sri Lanka devrait inclure les côtes du sud du Sri Lanka. Ici vous pouvez passer une semaine ou deux sur les plages étonnantes les littoraux sévères qui sont bordées de merveilleux hôtels où vous pouvez rester pendant un certain temps. Ces hôtels ont une cuisine étonnante pour éclairer vos papilles. Ils ont également construit dans les spas ayurvédiques où vous pouvez obtenir un massage thérapeutique pour rajeunir votre corps. Ces remèdes à base de plantes vont vous assurer d’obtenir l’énergie à votre corps. Le paysage incroyable sur les plages peut être apprécié lors d’un soir ou le matin promenade habituelle à la plage. Vous pouvez également se livrer dans le yoga et de pilates dans les studios de remise en forme ici.

Envie D’aventure Ici?

Si vous êtes à la recherche d’une certaine forme d’aventure lorsque vous voyagez à Sri Lanka, vous pouvez choisir de visiter Galle, Bentota et Trincomalee où vous pourrez vous adonner à des activités de sports nautiques comme la plongée sous-marine, plongée, jet ski, rafting, surf, etc. Passez quelques jours ici, dans votre itinéraire Sri Lanka pour vous assurer d’obtenir un maximum adventure.You peut également visiter la faune en allant pour les safaris dans la réserve naturelle de la forêt de Sinharaja, parc national de Yala, où vous pourrez assister à des éléphants sauvages, différentes espèces d’oiseaux et d’animaux . Un safari serait normalement durer une journée entière et il serait préférable de commencer tôt le matin. Autre que ces deux réserves forestières il y a divers autres ceux que vous pouvez visiter aussi bien.

Why Holidays In Sri Lanka Are The Best For Every Type Of Traveler

Different Types Of Enjoying Experiences

No matter what type of traveler you are, Holidays in Sri Lanka are guaranteed to make everyone happy. This is because Sri Lanka is a country that stays true to the diversity it promises its visitors. From the variety of sites to see to the different types of activities you can engage in, your visit is guaranteed to be nothing but exciting from the time you set foot in the country. The list of things you can do are unlimited, but some of the key highlighting features include:

  • Adventure
  • Exploration and sightseeing
  • Fun activities
  • Blissful relaxation
  • Shopping

The island is packed with many things to do. Whether you are travelling to Sri Lanka on your Honeymoon, taking a vacation with family or friends, or look to unwind by spending some time by yourself, this paradise island will give you the chance to have the holiday of your dreams. There are many sites and cities within the island which are highly popular among tourists. These include the sandy beaches of Bentota, the lush greenery and cool climate of the hill country, the ancient architectural splendor of the cultural triangle, and nature at its best in various forests and nature reserves.

In terms of different things to do, Sri Lanka is a land of endless possibilities. The Sri Lankan people are warm and friendly by nature and are more than pleased to welcome tourists to their beautiful homeland. The culture of the country has been infused by the best of different types of civilizations who were present in the island throughout history. Due to this you would be able to see how various religions and ethnicities live in harmony. This unity would be extended to you wherever you go giving you an opportunity to learn so many new things.

Spending Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

This is a very special occasion which you would want to spend in a paradise island such as Sri Lanka. Owing to the beautiful climate and natural beauty the country has been blessed with, you will be able to spend time with your loved one in a magical island. You would also get to create a host of lasting memories by having fun enjoying the sun and sand in Bentota beach, hiking through the wilderness, exploring the amazing architecture of Sigiriya, witnessing wildlife in their natural habitats in Yala or Wasgamuwa, or even shopping in the capital city of Colombo.