Why Bentota Is A Popular Destinations For Honeymoon Holidays To Sri Lanka

Romantic Excursions In Sri Lanka

Once the two of you begin your life’s journey together, you would be looking forward to having the most relaxing and fun time together during your honeymoon. For this you would look to travel to a part of the world where there are endless possibilities of things the two of you can enjoy together. Spending your honeymoon in Sri Lanka is the answer to all your vacation dreams. But many couples often want to have a simple holiday which does not deprive them of having ample amount of fun. Then the following need to be considered.

  • The attractions in the surroundings
  • Time duration to be spent
  • Budget
  • Travel preferences

In this instance you would need to choose a suitable holiday package to Sri Lanka. Such packages are planned and operated through leading tour operators from the island. Among all the major places to visit and attractions in the island, the city of Bentota is highly recommended for your stay. This location is packed with many things to see and do, which is guaranteed to create the most unforgettable honeymoon experience for you and your loved one.

The key highlights of Bentota becoming a popular honeymoon destination in Sri Lanka are due to many different reasons. The romantic vibes fill the air and the entire surrounding is peaceful. This is blended in with ample learning opportunity and fun adventures which you will love to engage in. the city has many historic locations and ancient temples which provide a glimpse of magnificent ancient architecture. Modern architectural splendor can also be enjoyed through a walk through Brief Gardens the amazing work of the renowned landscape artist Bewis Bawa. The stretch of beach and the river that flows through the city also create a very unique natural landscape which cannot be enjoyed elsewhere.

Bentota Beach Water Sports

Being a coastal town, Bentota is a great place for holidays in Sri Lanka, where you can experience one of the best beaches in the island. This is one of the areas where the beach is wide and can be accessible for a very long stretch. Due to the optimum conditions maintained, it makes it very suitable to carry out almost all fun beach sports, some of which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. Some of these activities include diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, whale and dolphin watching and wind surfing.

Written by Tourist Greg Stefaniak


Sri Lanka Safari Holidays Package Designed by Dilra Tours To Adore the Sri Lanka Wild Life

Dilra tours is the tour operator in Sri Lanka, guides and arranges your wild life safari holidays to Sri Lanka. With the amount of natural and wild life resources available in Sri Lanka, the hospitality services of Dilra tours, are a definite pleasure to witness the wild life animals, birds, sea creatures and reptiles in their own home, and get in touch with the nature as much as possible in a passionate & exploring way. Contact Dilra tours for the list of Sri Lanka tour package, targeting various travel tastes not only the wild life safari.

Sri Lanka Safari Tour Package – 10 Days Sri Lanka Wild Life Tour

Day 01

With Sri Lanka safari holidays package, Dilra tours will receive you at the Colombo airport, and drive you to Sinharaja rain forest, where you will be guided for a walk inside the forest and you are guaranteed to enjoy the trekking in the forest while the snakes, lizards and other reptiles crossing your way, and visiting the endemic flora and fauna species, witnessing butterflies etc. You will stay in a hotel near by.

Day 02

Next to Sinharaja, you will be guided to Yala national park, and stay in a hotel, and will start to see the interesting and beautiful big cats, the leopards, and the big wild elephants in Yala. On the Yala safari, there are various other animals and birds can come across your way, and may give you an opportunity to fit into your camera.

Day 03 & Day 04

As part of the Sri Lanka safari holidays package, next to Yala, you will visit Hikkaduwa beach, and will go for about 1 hour ride in the Hikkaduwa lagoon for birds watching, and the witness some sea creatures, water lizards, sea turtles and name to more. The next destination of your Sri Lanka safari tour is, Udawalawe national park which is the host for herds of elephants, birds and more. You will enjoy camping in Udawalawe park, and will be pleased with the BBQ dinner in Udawalawe.

Day 05 to Day 08

From Udawalawe, we will travel to Horton plains national park to see the Sri Lanka bush warbler, flycatcher, pigeon, munia, large herds of sambar deer and more, and will have a visit to World’s end & you will relax in a hotel or camping in Horton plains can be arranged. From Horton plains, you will have a visit to spread your wings to kiss the beauty of the nature and witness the mountain range, tea plantations and more in Nuwara eliya. You will spend two days in Nuwara eliya sight seeing, and enjoy with the things to do in Nuwara eliya.

Day 09 & Day 10

Next, you will be transferred to Wilpattu, the wild life park hosts elephants, leopards, deer and more. You will have a Wilpattu safari in the morning, and will stay in a hotel to rest, and will be taken back for an evening safari too, after a rest in night, next day morning, we will travel to Colombo to send off you.

Request Dilra Tours to Customize Your Sri Lanka Safari Tour Package

This is a pre-defined Sri Lanka tour package, Dilra tours is always waiting for you to personalize the wild life safari tour package for you. Simply get in touch with Dilra tours and let them know what you want to explore in Sri Lanka wild life, how long you wish to spend with holidays to Sri Lanka, what are your expectations on the accommodations and etc, all these information regarding your Sri Lanka travel will help Dilra tours to draw a Sri Lanka tour itinerary for you to explore the Sri Lanka tourism.

How To Make Your Tour Packages In Sri Lanka At A Reasonable Price Along With All The Facilities Included

Spend Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

So as to spend your special night in Sri Lanka, seek on Google with the expression of “Sri Lanka honeymoon packages” where you could discover a lot of fine places to make the most of your vacation day. There are many online websites accessible for your prerequisites in assortment of Sri Lanka honeymoon packages. Your Sri Lanka vacation will be loaded with an astounding minutes by experimenting with these unique tour packages.

In order to make extraordinary recollections to endure forever, look no more remote than the sentimental flavors that will change your vacation into your fantasy special night. There are numerous lavish inns all through the nation for outside and nearby couples to make the most of their honeymoon trip get-away by experimenting with different special first night tour packages offered by travel administrations. Moreover your honeymoon holiday packages can be included with best Bentota city tour, wild safari tour, hill country tours and many more.

Create Best Tour Itinerary

Many sorts of tour packages accessible in today’s online sites are immeasurable and differed. This guarantees every one of shoppers’ needs and longings are met. Moreover when it comes to arrange your tour to Sri Lanka it is wise in creating best tour itinerary right before planning your rest of the necessities. Tour packages visits can be further separated into particular visit sorts. Moreover site Visits accessible range from Adventure visits, Special-intrigue visits, City or Group visits and Fully Escorted visits, Regional visits and many more. Bentota city tours and wild safari tours are two of the popular excursions among tourists to Sri Lanka.

Moreover there are several crucial things to be added to your best tour itinerary in addition to the sites that you are going to visit in Sri Lanka. Cruises, chauffeur vehicle services, All transfers between airports/harbours/stations and hotels, Rental cars, Insurance, Tickets for entry to events or attractions, Entrance fees to attractions and so on. Yet when it comes to choose proper chauffeur vehicle services for your journey after you landed on Sri Lanka you should be more aware about the chauffeur charges and hospitality services as Sri Lanka has many reasonable chauffeur services at tourist services. Unique intrigue visits are composed around a specific intrigue territory which could incorporate expressions, nourishment and wine, wear, social or agrarian and many more. Yet Sri Lanka is consisted of special guest visit packages along with all the protection and facility necessities.

How To Plan The Best Travel Itinerary For Your Honeymoon In Sri Lanka

Planning A Sri Lanka Travel Itinerary

Once you have exchanged vows amidst your friends and family at a beautiful wedding ceremony, the two of you would be looking for an opportunity to unwind and relax in a romantic honeymoon destination. Sri Lanka is a popular choice among newlyweds who want just this. In the many exquisite Sri Lanka honeymoon destinations which are found all over the island, you will find that the two of you can escape to a magical state of bliss in surroundings filled with natural scenic beauty and wonder.

To make sure your honeymoon goes as planned, you could choose suitable holiday tour packages offered by leading travel companies in Sri Lanka which undertake the task of planning the entire tour for you. These can be custom designed to include some of you most preferred locations and also include popular experiences like highlights of Bentota tourism, cultural tours and a Leopard Safari which are all not to be missed attractions in the country.

Selecting such holiday tour packages are the most recommended form of vacation planning a honeymoon trip to Sri Lanka as it will not only provide key services to ensure your trip goes smoothly from the start, right to the end, but it also makes sure that the time you spend in the island is managed well and you do not miss out on any of the key Sri Lanka honeymoon destinations. The following are some of the most important sites to plan into your itinerary.

  • Visit the world famous UNESCO world heritage sites such as the rock fortress Sigiriya, Kandy – the last kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka, the rock cave temples of Dambulla and many more.
  • Explore the wonders of nature through forest expeditions and Leopard Safari
  • Witness the very best beaches of the world highlighted in Galle, Negombo, Trincomalee and Bentota tourism packages

Important Features Like Chauffeur Driven Car

For your honeymoon tour in this magical island to be complete you should also make a note of choosing the right holiday package which offers services such as a chauffeur driven car. Since you are travelling to this foreign land, most probably for the first time, such travel arrangements will make sure you reach all of your planned destinations without delay. Safety is also a major concern when travelling to a foreign land to having your own chauffeur will help with translations and guide services which will make your vacation more enjoyable.

Why Many Travelers Opt To Be Chauffeur Driven When On Holiday In Sri Lanka

Benefits Of Being Chauffeur Driven

Sri Lanka tourism is paying much focus on delivering visitors a truly magical experience which will make them return back for more. Therefore there are many specially designed holiday packages which take you through the very best of the island and can be chosen according to the duration of the vacation and budgetary requirements. An important part of planning an enjoyable Sri Lanka itinerary is to ensure that vacationers arrive in their destinations on time. For this purpose, many travel packages offer private touring options with the aim of providing total vacation solutions.

There are a number of benefits of having your own chauffeur driving you around. Imagine you invest in Sri Lanka honeymoon tour packages, the two of you have finally have arrived in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, but you do not know much about how to get around the island. With this service offered through most holiday packages you do not have to worry about getting to your destinations on time as you will be with a trusted and experienced resource. In this manner whether you want to go on a Yala Jeep Safari and then try out the many things to do in Bentota you entire trip across Sri Lanka can be well planned ensuring you take the best possible routes.

Safety is an important element when you chose a trusted chauffeur to accompany on your journey. No matter what type of vacation package you chose, be it Sri Lanka honeymoon tour packages, family packages or group trips, since these professionals are locals themselves, they will have a much better understanding of any concerns and safety precautions which need to be taken at different sites. The following are some important safety requirement fulfilled by such services.

  • The vehicles you travel in will be properly insured
  • Your belongings will be kept safe
  • You will reach your destinations on time

Enjoyable Activities To Focus On

The best part of not having to worry about your travel arrangements means that you will be able to enjoy the journey in the best possible way. Although you may have fixed key activities like Yala Jeep Safari and things to do in Bentota you can still stop by to add more new activities to your Sri Lanka itinerary. In this manner you will benefit both from the planned tour and other spontaneous fun activities you can stop on the way and enjoy.

Bentota Beach And Safari Tour Vacations In Sri Lanka For Any Type Of Visitors

Honeymoon Holidays In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has best attractions for your Sri Lanka honeymoon trip get-away, for example, influencing palm trees, Meandering Rivers, falling waterfalls, shocking white and brilliant sands which give you the immense impressions. If you are to spend your honeymoon in Sri Lanka, a wonderful beach, Bentota beach is one of the ideal place as a beach holiday. For best honeymoon holidays in Sri Lanka besides Bentota beach, Beruwala and Ahungalla likewise are prominent among numerous guests from outside nations and additionally among tourists to Sri Lanka.

Most of the honeymoon holiday packages in Sri Lanka offered by the experienced and skilled tour companies in Sri Lanka also have day trip excursions included with high level of service and facilities. Contact Dilra Tours for the best honeymoon tour package to enjoy your lovely time alongside your sweetheart.

Visit Galle fort wonder and Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawala can be finished within day trips in tour services. With a few boutique inns close to the beach Front Range in spots like Negombo will give you best neighborliness and facilities to begin your special first night get-away including great recollections to your Sri Lanka occasion.

What’s more, on the off chance that you are aim to do water wears in your excursion to Sri Lanka, you could visit places, for example, Arugam Bay, bentota beach and Trincomalee as they are more popular and regular shorelines for water sports, they likewise give you the required gear required. Make a point to arrange your shoreline occasions in southern drift, in the event that you are to visit Sri Lanka after December.

Safari Tours To Impress Sri Lanka Tourists

With regards to Sri Lanka safari tours, Yala, Udawalawa and Wilpattu are a few well known National parks among guests to Sri Lanka. What’s more, on the off chance that you are thinking about the Sri Lanka safari tour packages housing, it fundamental to know every one of the alternatives which help you in minimizing your travel time, cost in every last safari trips. You are additionally fit for outdoors in these National parks.

You likewise find numerous elephants in your Sri Lanka safari tour, as they are visit guests to campgrounds. As Sri Lanka is comprised of its own natural bio assorted qualities you have a lot of things to catch in your drive. Sri Lanka likewise has assortment of untamed life where some of them are endemic. The endemic animals incorporate Spotted Deer, Sloth Bear, Crocodiles and 44 types of vertebrates.

Choose Best Wild Life Or Beach Tour Packages Which Suits Your Requirements In Sri Lanka

Tour Packages Of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations to have your get-away and which is consisted of 2 seasons, and arranged nearer to the equator. Sri Lanka additionally has pleasant and agreeable climate to spend your get-away. On the off chance that you expectation to spend your occasions to Sri Lanka, there are numerous sri lanka tour packages accessible for your benefit.

Sri Lanka tour services can more likely help any visitor in finding the best excursions through their types of tour packages. moreover they provide you with all the details about Things to do, places to visit, accommodations, best hotel guides, travel guides and so on while reaching out for free bespoken itineraries in accordance visit traveler desires. in order get the best out of tour packages of sri lanka begin explore online resources available at your choice. More likely the tour services assist you in many ways to keep up to the minimum budget that you have expected.

In addition to that A hefty portion of the sri lanka tour packages are arranged by actualities of two seasons alongside best accommodation administrations. Often keep in mind to spend your Sri lanka holiday with a composed trek planer in order to make your trips more advantageous. Sri Lanka has such a variety of intriguing destinations to visit with regards to arrange your occasions to your travel itinerary. More often a number of the sri Lanka tour packages incorporate, ancient excursions, social, wildlife and normal, natural to visit and assortment of fun exercises.

Yala Safari To Enjoy The Wildlife

Yala jeep safari is more popular excursions when it comes to wildlife tours in Sri Lanka. Custom made Yala jeep safari tours are arranged for any visitor who intend to visit the wonder of wild life while making your journey pretty interesting. Moreover the Yala jeep safari is consisted of knowledgeable and disciplined drivers in order to enlighten you with the living species of Yala National Park.

Bentota Beach Sri Lanka

When it comes to the beach holidays in Sri Lanka, Bentota beach is one of the popular sites among the tourists. Bentota Beach is a perfect gate away for families, honeymoon couples and group of travellers basically due to the fact that its secured swimming conditions. Bentota beach is additionally an incredible area for various water sports exercises, for example, fly skiing, snorkeling, body-surfing, parasailing and windsurfing which is situated around 60 km away from Colombo to southern province of Sri Lanka.

Article Written By Passionate Traveller Greg Stefaniak